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Pocket watch " Cocker Spaniel" Артикул: W3340

Описание товара

Beautiful and quite rare gift mechanical pocket watch with the image of an ancient breed of dog-Cocker Spaniel on the ceramic insert of the opening protective front cover of the mechanical watch case. The watch case, 50 mm in diameter, is made of an antimagnetic alloy with a white polished chrome finish. Isotable hours small limited edition collector's gift series by the Chelyabinsk watch factory "Lightning". The author's artistic design of the ceramic medallion, securely fixed in a metal openwork frame. Watches with excellent working mechanism, assembled on 15 ruby stones, will please its owner not only the originality of artistic performance and accuracy, but also as the most reliable example of Soviet watches, manufactured in Russia, and received recognition in the USSR and around the world. The watch is attached to the factory belt Nickel-plated watch chain, factory cardboard box and factory warranty passport. The service life of the watch is not less than 10 years. Case diameter 50 mm

Цена: 2 850 руб.

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