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Pocket watch "Yuri Gagarin" quartz Артикул: W6558

Описание товара

A beautiful and inexpensive gift pocket watch with a color insert with the image of Yuri Gagarin in an elegantly patterned contour frame on the protective cover of a chrome-plated anti-magnetic case. High-precision quartz-dynamic mechanism with a quartz resonator and a central second hand. Powered by a traditional watch battery. Maintenance with a simplified possibility of replacing the battery. Continuous working period of at least 1 year. There is an additional possibility of disconnecting the battery power using the transfer clock head. A bright white dial with contrasting black large Arabic numerals. The hands of the clock in the old version with "apples". Excellent stroke accuracy. The diameter of the watch case is 48 mm. The watch is equipped with a white chrome chain with a polished diamond cut and a special packaging box made of laminated micro corrugated cardboard in red color. The watch will be a real memorable gift for a person who appreciates the history of space exploration and its first conqueror in the history of mankind - the first cosmonaut of the USSR - Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin.

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