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Pocket watch "KGB of the USSR" quartz gold Артикул: W1177

Описание товара

Beautiful, rather large inexpensive gift pocket watch with the sign of the KGB of the USSR in a golden anodized case complete with a golden chain. High-precision, convenient and reliable pocket watch complete with a special packaging box made of laminated micro corrugated cardboard in red color. Reliable quartz-dynamic mechanism with a quartz resonator and a central second hand. Powered by a traditional watch battery. Maintenance with a simplified possibility of replacing the battery. Continuous working period of at least 1 year. There is an additional possibility of disconnecting the battery power using the transfer clock head. A spectacular white dial with contrasting black large Arabic numerals. The original hands of the clock have a traditional classical shape with "apples". The back cover of the golden case of the pocket watch is made in the old style of the artistic design of an old pocket watch. The diameter of the watch case is 55 mm. The watch will be an excellent beautiful inexpensive gift for a person who prefers to wear a pocket watch, while maintaining the style and effect of the traditional practicality of using a pocket chronometer.

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